IFWallet download

Android download link: http://download.ifwallet.com/ifwallet

iOS TestFlight download link :https://testflight.apple.com/join/hkhqx3Of‌

Google Play: please search IFWallet

AppStore: Please search IFWallet

Creating wallet

When you first enter the APP ,you can switch the language depends on your own language habits, as shown in figure ‌ switch languages

Click the icon at the top right to enter the language switch interface, slide the list of languages at the bottom and click yes

After switching languages, click "create" to enter the wallet creation page.

Follow the prompts to complete the wallet creation and enter the wallet page, as shown in the figure

Import the wallet‌

Users who already have a wallet need to import their wallet, click import wallet

To go to the list of imported wallets, click on the multi-currency wallet

To go to the import mode selection list, click mnemonic import

Enter into mnemonic word import page, input the mnemonic word , click on the create a purse, according to the prompt to complete the creation of a purse

After the completion of the wallet import,you will into the wallet home page, as shown below

Add currency ‌

Add the required currency, as shown in the figure. Click add symbol to enter the currency add list

For example, add IFT, select cet-token, find IFT, and click the switch of IFT currency to add IFT

After adding the currency ,exiting to the home page to see the added currency in the home page list‌


The newly created wallet CET and cet-token wallet need to receive 1CET to activate the wallet. After activating the wallet, take IFT as an example to demonstrate how to collect money‌

Click IFT in the home page list to go to IFT's wallet page

Copy the receipt address above and send it to the sender who needs to send the payment to this address‌

Or click "receive", enter the "receive" page, scan it to the sender and send it to your address, or copy the address below to the sender‌


How to send, take IFT as an example in the IFT wallet page, click the send button‌

Go to the list of sending modes and click send directly

Entering the sending information filling page and entering the amount to be sent and the address to be sent, it is not necessary to fill in the Memo if the receiving address is not required it.

After completing the information, click next to enter the information confirmation page‌

Click "send" after confirming the information is correct, and the message can be sent after entering the PIN code according to the prompt

Vote for reward‌

The wallet page of CET and cet-token has the function of voting and proposal, and voting can obtain the corresponding CET reward, which requires the use of CET to vote‌

Click the vote to go to the vote page‌

In the voting page, the voting node can be switched. By default, the IFWallet node is selected to vote for IFWallet. In addition to the CET award, you will also get the IFT award every day. Enter the number of votes in the input box, click the vote, and enter the PIN code to complete the vote

After voting, your CET income will be displayed. Click it and the income list will pop up‌

The proposal function is the function of voting on the proposals issued by CET community. Click on the proposal to enter the proposals voting list‌

Click on my voting can view your own voting number in each node , click on the redemption you can redeem the voting CET, but it need 21 days to transfer to your account.

The proposal function is the function of voting on the proposals issued by CET community. Click on the proposal to enter the proposals voting list‌‌

The proposal voting page will display the latest two proposals. Click to vote to go to the details page of the proposal for voting


DEX can exchange ‌ for currency‌

Click the buy and sell buttons on the DEX page to switch between buy and sell

Upper left is a transaction on the switch button, click the pop-up trading on the list, you can switch ‌ according to need‌

The default is IFT/CET

On the right is the list of hanging orders, showing the price of hanging orders for reference

After checking the hanging sheet price, you can take buy/sell action depend on your need

In DEX homepage, buying and selling operation are all the same,taking IFT/CET deals in selling IFT ‌ for example‌

Switch to sell mode, enter price, quantity, click sell IFT, enter information confirmation page

After confirming the information, click the exchange and enter the PIN code

At the bottom is a list of pending orders of your own. Click cancel to cancel the pending orders

Click all orders to enter the list of all orders

You can view the full orders in full order list , click on an order to see details

Security settings

Switch to the Settings interface, click security Settings, and enter the page of security Settings

Click the PIN code to modify the PIN code

Click the fingerprint unlock (android), face unlock (iOS), and enter the PIN code again to use the fingerprint unlock and face unlock in each link where the PIN code is needed

Wallets management‌

Switch to the Settings page, click wallet management, enter the wallet management page

Wallet management page has a variety , single currency two columns, click the top right corner of the add button, you can create a new wallet, also can import a new wallet

Click on the wallet to get into the wallet management page

In the specific management interface of the wallet, click the name of the wallet which can be modified, after entering the name you need to click the blank page to save

Click the button to switch to the wallet, you can switch to the current wallet, and get into the home page

Click on the mnemonic to view and copy the mnemonic of the wallet. Mnemonics need to be saved and remembered. Once the mnemonic is lost, or if it is known by others, the asset may be lost。